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Scheduling a FibroScan Examination

To arrange a FibroScan call our FibroScan line at 310-710-5220 or you can fill out the scheduling form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the FibroScan test expensive?
    The FibroScan test costs much less than a liver biopsy, and it is now billable to insurance.

    Ruane Medical accepts most PPO and Medicare insurance policies (co-pays/deductibles apply). Cash rates are available for patients with HMO insurance plans or no insurance.

    Contact us for information about insurance or cash rates.


  • Do I have to get a referral from a doctor?
    No, you don’t need a referral. You can just call us and schedule an appointment for the test.


  • Is it like an ULTRASOUND?
    The FibroScan examination feels like having an ultrasound, but it measures liver fibrosis - something that an ultrasound can not measure. Fibrosis is caused by fine scarring that is spread through the liver, a bit like a fine fishing net or gauze. FibroScan can tell us how much liver fibrosis a patient has and confirm or rule out if the liver is cirrhotic.


  • Is this a painful test, are there needles involved?
    No. This is a non-invasive test, much like an ultrasound. There is no needle, and all you feel is a gentle shock wave on your skin.


  • When are results delivered?
    Results are available immediately after the test.


  • Who will be conducting the FibroScan test?
    We have several medical staff and clinical researchers, both male and female who are trained and certified for FibroScan.


  • How do I prepare for the FibroScan test?
    Do not eat and drink for 3 hours before the test.


  • I am heavy. Is this a problem?
    No, our Fibroscan has both the regular and the XL probe.



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FibroScan is now billable to insurance.


We accept Medicare and most PPO insurance policies.


Cash rates are available for patients with HMO insurance plans or no insurance.



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